Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ten and counting

Just thought, with today being David's ten month since birthday day, I would post a quicky.

Funny moment for the week: I put him in the crib to get his bath ready. When I came back I found him sitting down with a bink in his mouth and one in each hand, clapping them together like an organ player's monkey.

Sleeping update: He Slept Through The Night Last Night. Probably won't happen again for another six months. It's really a shame that you miss the nights he sleeps through the night because you slept through it as well. It's like missing Santa or the Easter Bunny.

Words: He has a word folks! Baa(l). Yup, the little one can say Ball. We know its ball and not bottle because when he says the word and you hold up the ball and bottle he goes for the ball. He is also getting really good with da da and it seems to mean daddy, mamama still means "I dislike something and a non-specified someone better change something soon".

He is a pro at crawling and cruising around anything he can pull himself up on. So far this week he has pulled the dinning room chair on top of himself twice and the baby gate once. He would like to report he is in fine condition and was not hurt during any of these dare devil tricks.

For those that deserved a phone call containing this update, I am sorry. School started this week and once again I am super busy. I did receive a nice notice in the mail the other day stating that Jamie Gilbert made the president's honor role. I am looking forward to finding her and giving her the good news.

Good night all and heres hopin' the sleep Santa visits again.

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