Wednesday, January 12, 2005

mobility update

Crawling, he is doing it
David will now crawl properly for short, but increasing, distances. When he really needs to cover ground, he goes back to the soldier crawl. I am content with that. At least he will be able to read abridged versions of literature.

Walking, yes and no
So, it happened like this. Grandma Susie bought him this:

Jaime put it together, sure that he would hold on to the handle and walk with it. I was sure that he would hold on the the handle as it rolled away from him and keep holding that handle as his face hit the floor.

I was wrong. I can see your look of surprise.

He grabbed the handle, I let go. He was off. Walking. With blocks.

Stopping is not so easy. He moves pretty quickly across the floor with very little control until the Walker hits a wall, stopping him. Then he's mad. He yells and cries and keeps moving his feet to keep walking. It looks like he is stomping them in a tantrum.

On Grandpa Gary's carpet, he has a little more control. I am remember that this is how I learned to roller skate. I would practice on the carpet until I was confident enough to get out on the waxed wood rink of death. I could fall with equal lack of grace on both surfaces.

Not yet. But let me tell you, when he decides to wake up at three in the morning, he is lucky that our windows are sealed for winter.

Later, mobile fans.

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