Monday, January 31, 2005

the nyt is self absorbed

This New York Times article on mommy blogs kind of chaps me for two reasons.

1) Even though I love Dooce and think Leta is wonderful and even though I don't get 40,000 readers to my blog, David is way cuter.

2) Poorly researched, and dripping with coastal superiority. I have a really hard time believing that of the aprox. 8,000 parenting blogs, a significant number of people aren't blogging for the same reason I am--we have friends and family scattered around the globe with varying levels of interest in what is going on with the family. We have a good education that made decent writers out of us and the blog is a great tool for keeping everyone as up-to-date as they want to be. To quote half-a-dozen psychologists saying that baby blogs are just more indication that today's parents are self-absorbed is, frankly, crap. I dated a psychology major once who would say something like that and honestly, only a PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR COULD CONCEIVE THE IDEA THAT PARENTHOOD IS SELF-ABSORBING.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

David is learning how to say "Tuff," the name of the resident horse dog.

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