Saturday, January 08, 2005

Like father, like son

This evening our friend Al took the three of us out to dinner. Afterwards Jason and Al enjoyed a large bowl of ice cream. David was getting fussy as it was 2 hours past his bedtime so I told Jason to give him a bite of ice cream to see how he would like it. The look on his face was classic. It was as if he was saying "how could something so good be so D*** cold". Soon that face was followed by a look of "if you want to live you had better keep the cold stuff coming". He cried when Jason tried to hide the bowl. Finally I had to take David away from the table so dad could finish his dessert in peace. As we walked away the last of the ice cream dribbled down his chin.

Its a good thing Sams sells Bryer's in the five gallon tubs. I think we'll need them in the future.

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