Monday, January 17, 2005

pixar is incredible

Below, I've excerpted the last two paragraphs of Frederica Mathewes-Green's review of "The Incredibles" and linked to the full article. Read these two paragraphs carefully, please. They lay out a pretty good criteria for the books, videos, and toys that I would like my kids to have.

NRO: The Incredibles: "Most kids' entertainment is about kids. Pixar movies are about adults. They show children what adults are supposed to do - to be brave and self-sacrificing, to defend children even at risk to themselves, to give even in the face of ingratitude. This is wise because, after all, children aren't going to remain children. Just as we encourage them daily to grow in the practical skills of adulthood, they'll need these kind of skills too if they are going to be faithful, responsible spouses and parents.

"Many kids sitting in theater seats don't have a daddy like Nemo's, who would go to the end of the ocean to save their lives. They don't have a daddy like Dash and Violet's, who can be crushed only by the thought that he has lost them, and whose strength rebounds instantly when he learns they need his help. These kids don't have daddy-figures like Woody and Mike and Sullivan, who love and guard the children who enter their care. They don't have a daddy like that, but one day they may be a daddy like that, or have a clear idea of the kind of future daddy they need to marry. If this is all that Pixar has done, it has done a most eminent thing. "

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