Sunday, January 02, 2005

holiday images

Sorry for the long silence. I figure that I had better make up for it with images. Following is but a small sample of all of the pictures taken over the holidays.

Thanksgiving with Jaime's family at the Bristol in Kansas City. Pictured here is Samuel, David's second cousin, with his parents Cary and Michelle.

Thanksgiving family picture with Grandpa Steve, Grandma Suzie, Great Grandma Lillian , mom, and dad.

Christmas morning with Grandma Carla. David is sporting fresh new chucks from Aunt Skylar.

"we have seen a star in the East. . ."

With Grandpa Brice

With Uncle Cory

Posing for mom.

Christmas afternoon with Great Grandma Lillian and Great Aunt Marilyn.

Eating a leaf on the sidewalk in Lawrence while Dad buys a loaf of the best bread in the country.

New-Year's Eve with Fr. Joseph.

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