Friday, February 16, 2007

the machine is us

Ironically, I read about this in the newspaper. It's very powerful. I wonder what he thinks about it. I would like to go ask him myself, but I'm not vital enough to be sent to this event.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The real deal

The other night I set aside the fact the weather was horrible and no good mom in her right mind would take her young children out in such weather and made the trip to the mall so David could let off some steam at the play area. As an added bonus I called up our old neighbor and arranged for his best bud Colin to meet us there.

After a joyous reunion involving a lot of squealing (imagine young girls at a boy band concert) Colin and David made their way to the padded play area. Once inside the soft foamy enclosure they proceeded to run over, push and shove each other and any poor sole who got in their way as they played super heroes. At any given point one of the boys declared they were Superman.

Shortly after we got there a little guy in a full on Superman costume entered the scene.

Devastation was brief.

Within seconds David (wearing his Favorite turtle shirt) assumed the identity of Super Turtle Boy. Apparently his powers enabled him to run faster than any turtle ever.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Val posted once a long time ago that she had intended to track the development of the twins' sense of humor. I thought that is a great idea, but didn't do anything with it. Well, now it's a meme.

Simon is laughing. What's so funny? Peek-a-boo, of course. Cracks him up.

David, meanwhile is telling jokes. Rather, he is telling a joke:
What does the gingerbread boy put on his bed?
Cookie sheets!
Ha! I taught him this. It is from Reader's Digest--Marla got a subscription for Christmas.

He has no idea why it is funny, but enjoys the reaction and his delivery is spot-on--especially since I make him tell to everyone we encounter "hey, David there is that stranger standing on the corner I made you smile at when you were four-months old; go tell him your joke."

Later, laughing fans.

portrait of a young man as an artist

David drew his first self portrait last night. First, he drew a sort of oval shape that was slightly angular at one end. This was inside a larger, incomplete oval but I don't know if he considered that part of the composition. He declared this to be himself. I complimented him on his work and asked where the eyes are. He drew two circles next to each other near the top of the inner oval. I asked where the nose is. Another circle near the center. Then,I asked about his mouth. For this, he scrawled a wildly crooked and off-center line near the bottom and off to the left, giving the impression of a smirk with some serious attitude.

Here is the very cool thing: he did this on the bottom of the bathtub. He has washable crayons that are made for the bath and draws all over the bathtub and shower. I've never seen his draw under the water, though. He was sitting in the tub and just drew this on the floor of the tub in front of him. I thought about trying to get a photo of it, but as soon as he was done, he began scribbling over it. By the time his bath was over, the drawing had been washed away completely.

For me this was a perfect piece of art--like and icon only truly exists in the space of prayer or a mandala until the sand is dumped into the river, this existed for just a moment, only the two of us saw it, and then the piece, with the moment, was gone without pretension of permanence or importance. A photo would have spoilt it.