Thursday, February 15, 2007

The real deal

The other night I set aside the fact the weather was horrible and no good mom in her right mind would take her young children out in such weather and made the trip to the mall so David could let off some steam at the play area. As an added bonus I called up our old neighbor and arranged for his best bud Colin to meet us there.

After a joyous reunion involving a lot of squealing (imagine young girls at a boy band concert) Colin and David made their way to the padded play area. Once inside the soft foamy enclosure they proceeded to run over, push and shove each other and any poor sole who got in their way as they played super heroes. At any given point one of the boys declared they were Superman.

Shortly after we got there a little guy in a full on Superman costume entered the scene.

Devastation was brief.

Within seconds David (wearing his Favorite turtle shirt) assumed the identity of Super Turtle Boy. Apparently his powers enabled him to run faster than any turtle ever.

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