Saturday, March 12, 2005

yes, it comes with the bear

Apparently, if you want to be comfortable carrying a 25 lb boy on a mountain, you just need to pay a lot of money

This is our latest piece of gear in preparation for the upcoming Colorado trip.

The Deuter, Kid Comfort II.

We decided on this one after trying on a half a dozen different packs in three different stores in three different cities. This is the process:
  • Make adjustments to the harness

  • Stick David in the pack, strap him down

  • Sling pack onto back, make adjustments

  • Walk around looking like a serious dork being ridden like a camel by a baby who is thrilled to have such direct, two-handed access to the hair on the back of our head.

  • Remove pack, readjust for spouse

  • Repeat previous steps

  • Move to next pack up on the price scale, repeat

Fortunately, there are a finite number of packs available to us to try on, or we would keep it up until we died. For the last three we tried on, we didn't even take poor, exhausted David with us. We just filled the pack with some dead-weight.

But it is way comfortable. The baby goes into it, we sling it on our back, we make 25 quick adjustments, and then forget that we even have a child.

We are calling it an "investment" in David and all our future kids. For the price, I think this guarantees me at least four more children.

No, not four total. No, not a Linus, either.

I will post photos of David loaded into it as soon as I am able. Promise.

Later, gear fans.

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