Saturday, March 19, 2005

rota evil

Last night, a week after he threw-up the first time almost to the minute, David barfed again. Then, he was happy as a clam. He babbled and played and crawled around like he was ready for a beautiful new day. Of course it was 4:00 in the morning, so that posed a problem.

This morning, he barfed again. I called our doctor whom I could not speak with, of course. I love our family doctor, but it drives me crazy that I have to have an appointment three months in advance to speak with her about anything. Her nurse suggested that I talk to the doctor here in Eagle who saw David on Thursday to confirm that the ear infection was gone. I did. Appearantly, there is a rotavirus going around making kids throw up. David had the bad luck of catching it.

So, he has little baby dry heaves and is vomiting mucus and has a temp of 100 and is miserable and unhappy and sad. I was rocking him on my lap when he spotted his ball and started asking for it. I put him on the floor to see if he wanted to get it himself. He started off across the floor. At about half-way, he flopped down on his tummy for a moment. Then he got back up and finished. Ariving at the ball, he flopped down again, arms and legs akimbo, head resting against the ball, and just laid there until I picked him up.


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