Thursday, March 17, 2005

coupl'a extra hits for val

It's funny that Val over at Alexander and Sebastian should say this:
"I've also noticed that their hands used to barely reach the top of their heads and now they go an inch or two past."

I was changing David today and he dropped whatever was in his hand. It was up by his head somewhere and he was searching for it. I noticed that he can now reach completely up over his head and pretty much touch his hands together.

In many other ways, he is developing proportions that are more human-like. He is thinning--he still weighs 23 lbs fully-clothed but is getting taller. As he moves around and expresses himself, he is losing some of that chubby infant quality (until you change him and see his theighs).

The most dramatic result of this is that he is now properly proportioned enough to face the car seat forward. He loves that. I can turn around from the front seat and look at him and he will smile every time.

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