Friday, March 18, 2005

bananas rice apples toast

It's been a long week.

Last Friday night, he awoke vomiting and with diarrhea (sp?). Gross. After a lovely-smelling weekend of pedialite and bananas, I took him to the doctor. Diagnosis--ear infection, which can cause Montazuma's Revenge in infants. So we got a script for antibiotics.

On Wednesday morning, we boarded a plane for Denver to see the grandparents. David was a bit cranky and a terrible flirt. Lately, he has started getting shy and cranky around strangers. It is annoying, but not unusual. But when an eighteen-year-old girl gets seated next to us on the plane, he will not leave her alone. He keeps pointing at her and lunging towards her and pulling her pillow away from her. My infant son is already having pillow fights with cute girls.

David's special, starch-heavy diet fixed the runs, but we over-shot our mark a bit. Now, we have banana's and applesauce on hand to give him depending on which way he goes.

But, he is a trooper through it all. Short moments of crankiness and unhappiness occationally interrupt an otherwise smiling, sunny disposition. Here in Colorado, he gets to play with Hildy, the one-eyed dog, and Kramer the hairy hairy cat. And, stairs . . . with carpeting! He is so excited.

As I type in Grandma Susie's office, fat, lazy snowflakes are drifting by the window and adding highlights to the juniper. David is sleeping with mommy. She doesn't feel well and he cannot adjust to the time change, so he is up at 6:00 am and back down at 9:00.

Later, I'll tell you about David's appearances at Eagle's social gatherings.

. . . (after the spell check). . . sun's out, snow is gone.

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