Wednesday, March 23, 2005


We are home from visiting grandma and grandpa in Colorado. I was going to post photos, but Flickr is down. I'll get them up when I can. Meanwhile, here are some highlights from the trip:

  • David is man about town. Thursday evening, Friday morning and Friday evening, David's dance card is booked at gatherings of friends of Grandma Susie--chamber events, anniversary celebrations and a brunch.

  • David gets sick as a dog. Barf barf barf. He has to be given anti-nausea meds. But they can't go in the mouth because he will throw them up. So they have to go . . . elsewhere. Fortunately Grandma Susie seems to have lots of experience with this, which tells us more than we want to know about Jaime's and Uncle Grant's childhood.

  • David gets his revenge. After the administration of some meds, David unloads on Grandma Susie's lap.

  • Worst night ever. David is vomiting and can't have too much real food or formula so he is hungry. Since the day that he was born, this is the loudest, angriest screaming I have ever heard from him. I am completely undone by it.

  • The Glenwood Canyon Pass. I challenge anyone to show me a more beautiful stretch of I-70. I got to drive down and back when I went to pick up a rental mountain bike.

  • Jason faces his mortality. Remember how my bicycle was stolen back in June? Well I have been pretty much sedentary since then. Additionally, Grandma and Grandpa live at over 6,000 feet. I tool off to the nearest trail on the rented bike and am completely winded by the time I get to the trailhead. Half-way up the first hill, I have to stop and get off. I go back home. I return the bike, which means another beautiful drive through the canyon.

  • David, Jason, and Grandpa Steve go for a stroll by the river. We got to break in the new backpack. Towards the end David gets tired and I feel him lay his cheek on the back of my head and rest.

  • Deer visit the back patio. Jaime gets great photos.

  • Jaime and Grandma Susie shop. They probably bought a pair of shoes or something, but they also bought me an espresso maker for my birthday!

  • The Volvo. With bottom warmers in the front seats.

  • David vomits and get diarrhea on the way to the airport.

  • Bonding. Jaime gets her mom and dad fix, Sue and Steve get a David fix. We all get good food and a lovely, lovely time.

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