Sunday, March 20, 2005

one shopping day left

My father reminded me that I have not told him, or anyone else, what David wants for his first birthday. Here is my reply to his reminder (spell-checked).

Oh, sorry, um Samsung has come out with an am/fm/mp3 player that also displays photos on a color lcd screen. It is only 512 megs, but is VERY reasonably priced for what you get. David has really been jonesing for one.

Toys for toddlers. Things that he can push and pull around.

Jaime and I bought him some alphabet cards with pictures on them of things that begin with the letters of the alphabet. Very soon he is going to be at the point where he can memorize things and be asked to identify them when asked. Eg. "Touch apple." More cards like that would be cool.

At the same time, Jaime wanted to buy him one of those games with all the picture cards where you turn all the cards picture down and then turn then back over one-by-one and try to remember where the matches are. He is still a little young for this, but he will be there soon. The reason that Jaime wanted the set she saw is that the pictures were particularly artful watercolor images.

In Topeka, on Fairlawn at 21st, there is a toy store call "The Toy Store" that is very cool. Much cooler than Toys "backwards 'R'" Us (now that Skylar, the only TRU person capable of customer service, no longer works there). Go there, close your eyes, grab something. He will love it.

Later birthday fans.

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