Monday, April 03, 2006

Slumber Party

I'll start this off with, I Hate the Time Change. As a mother I think the concept is evil.

Last night David was having trouble getting to sleep. As fate would have it about the time he fell asleep I noticed he was in great need of a diaper change. That of course woke him up so I decided to bring him to bed with me.

As we crawled in I told him no talking, it was time to sleep. Not even a minute passed before he started chatting about binkies and how he was kicking my leg. When I told him to be quite he rolled over to face me and told me he loved me over and over again while he rubbed my head, arms, and face.

It's like he knows when I'm about to eat him and he pulls out every bit of love and cuteness from the universe and throws it at me. When that still doesn't work he gives me the puppy dog eyes.

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