Saturday, April 15, 2006


The other day, as I locked my self in the tower to work on homework, I could hear David and Colin laughing and screaming outside. Alex stated they were playing in the sprinkler on the sidewalk. I decided it was time for a quick break so I stepped across the street for a soggy hug.

As I walked up to David I could see his shorts were off and his shirt was hanging across his buns. Then he bent over and I saw something else hanging there. I looked at Nikki and she said the diaper was soaked, the shorts wouldn't stay on, and what the heck, he's just a tot.

For a child that throws an absolute fit if you get water on his face during a bath he sure was having fun putting his face into a mud puddle. The kids stayed out there for quite a while having a ball.

Later that day when Jason went over to get David he was told by Nikki that David pooped today. Then Nikki made David tell Jason where this act had occurred.

"On the sidewalk."

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