Friday, January 19, 2007


Two of David's favorite people in the world are Naomi (~16) and Sarah (~13), sisters who go to our church. They have three other sisters whom David also loves dearly. He talks about them before church, he stands with them during church, and he talks about them on the way home from church. Jaime and I were supposed to have a meeting after church on Sunday and we told David that he would be going to the girls' house to hang out and be sat. Thrilled. Unfortunately, the weather obligated us to cancel the meeting so David didn't need to go over. He was crushed, but we told him that Naomi might come over the next day to take pictures of him for a school project. "Will Sarah come too?" This is all he talked about the rest of the night.

Fortunately, Naomi and Sarah did come over the next day for a little glamor shoot. David was in heaven. I think he showed them and explained every single toy he owns. He even offered Naomi a seat in his chair. When she explained that she didn't think she'd fit, he assured her "I think your butt is small enough."

Socially, Monday was a big day for him. After Naomi and Sarah, left, we visited the Eakes-Kahns to share in the twins' Christmas bounty--"share" being a negotiable word for all three boys. He had fun. Every day since, he has done his past/future inversion, talking at length about how we are going to go to Alexander and Sebastian's, describing what has already happened with anticipation. Then, he sinks when I explain that we are not going over tonight. Everyday. Day.

Oh yeah, here's proof:

Sarah David Naomi

Sebasian (or Alexander) David Alexander (or Sebastian)

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