Thursday, January 11, 2007

ideas of the day # 234982, 642322, and 8202243

I think Mac is going to lose this lawsuit with Cisco over the iPhone trademark. Just a hunch. A couple months ago, I read a blogger who speculated that there was no way Mac would abandon the iPod name recognition and that they would call the product something like "iPod, with mobile." My suggestion: iGo. Do you have Steve Job's number?

On the news this morning, they were previewing what stories were coming up in the next 30 min. One was about "smart" elevators that are transforming the way elevators operate. I said to myself: "Hmmm, smart elevator. Elevators should have a central console for all of the elevators in a bank on each floor. Riders enter the floor that they want to get to on the console and it tells them which elevator they need to go to. Programming would group riders for fewer stops." Sure enough, that is exactly how they work. That was the fastest realization of an idod evar. Add to this a key-bob or cell-phone activation so you can even bypass the console.

Idod3: Workout videos for moms that include cartoon/Sesame Street Characters so the toddlers can watch along allowing parents to get in a workout without ignoring the offspring.

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