Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yesterday I tried to start potty training David. I was determined to be a "good" mother and not turn the TV on and diligently work with him on going potty in the potty. I even refused to put pull-ups on him and made sure a large stack of underwear was handy.

My game plan was to keep him in rooms lacking carpet which means keep him out of the living room. So we set up shop in the kitchen and the first time he peed on the floor it was no big deal. Clorox the spot, new undies, on with playing. The second time he peed I was annoyed but no big deal because it was in his room, Clorox the spot, new undies, on with the morning.

The Third time he peed I was at the end of my rope as it wasn't even noon yet. And this time he did it on the carpet. Occasionally David can sense when Jason and I are so angry he decides to stay out of our way and obey any request made of him. Well this was one of those times so he played quietly in his room the rest of the morning as I cleaned and rushed to get ready for work.

By the time I got to work I was completely defeated with the potty training after only a morning (yes I am a pathetic mother) and depressed because my gifted child just didn't get it (or seem to care that he had peed on himself all morning).

Today a co-worker was telling me about her weekend. She has three small children and on Sunday while mom was working and dad was sleeping the kids decided to turn the house into a swimming pool. Literally. They took all the Tupperware out of the cabinets and proceeded to flood almost every room with water. The beds were soaked clear through, water was a half inch deep in some places and the couch was soaked.

Lets just say I don't feel so bad about a small pee spot on the carpet now.

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