Thursday, May 18, 2006

because i should

I feel bad that I haven't updated in a week, so I thought I would drop a
line. We are, probably, 80% moved. The new place is full of boxes, the
old place still has 1,000,000 odds-and-ends--like the office, that still
need to be moved. It creates a lot of tension--having your stuff spread
out like that.

David LOVES his new bed and his new room but Jaime and I agree that he
looks very small in it. If you come over, he will take you up to his room,
climb up on his bed while announcing that it is "my bed, my bed," grab the
head rail, and jump up and down violently until he finally bumps his head
on the wall.

He is not 100% thrilled, though. Our first night was Monday night. We
grabbed the minimal food and dishes to get us through Tuesday
morning. David got up particularly early that morning, while I was getting
ready for work. He was hungry. "I want a yogurt."
"I'm not sure that we have yogurt"
"I want a bar"
"Well, I'll check, but I am not sure that we have bars."
"I want a biscuit"
"I don't think we have any biscuits. We have fruit and apple sauce. Do
you want that?"
"I want to go home."
"Bad news, kiddo . . ."

later, home fans


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