Tuesday, March 21, 2006

two-year checkup

David went to the doctor's for this two-year check up. He checks out. Clean bill of health and Jaime said Dr. Colburn didn't even bother with the checklist of milestones since it is clear that David has met all of them except that doesn't say his last name, which is our fault. We have tried to teach him to say "David Gilbert," but he says "David Yogurt" instead, which is soooo cute!

He is 35 inches tall, which is in the 72nd percentile, the same as the percentage of troops on the ground in Iraq who think U.S. military forces should get out of the country within a year.

He is 28 pounds, which is the 53rd percentile, the same as the percentage of men who spend less than two minutes picking out clothes.

"They" say that you are half your final height by age 2, which will put David at 70 inches--5 feet, 10 inches. Using the (mom's height=dad's height+5)/2 gets us to 5 feet 11 inches. I'll update this post in 18 years with the verdict.

later, yogurt fans.

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