Saturday, March 04, 2006


From the police briefs in the Topeka Capital Journal:

Police examine explosives

A suspicious object found at about 3:20 a.m. Tuesday by a Topeka police officer on patrol in the 1100 block of S.W. Western appears to be multiple homemade improvised explosive devices, said police department spokeswoman Kristi Pankratz.

The police department's bomb unit used the bomb robot to remove the object, which was found in the street, from the area. It was taken to a secure location for further examination, Pankratz said.

This is interesting because, well, we live on the 1100 block of S.W. Western. We all know from listening the news that IEDs on side streets are part of ethnic conflicts, as opposed to IEDs on main thoroghfares, which are directed at the occupational forces by the insurgency. The 1100 block of S.W. Western is a side street so, apparently, we have some brewing ethnic tensions right here in River City.

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