Tuesday, March 21, 2006

three new words and a film recommendation

"Popmosis" n. the (usually involuntary) accumulation knowledge about pop-cultural events with which you have no direct experience.
"Where have I seen that actor before?"
"The 'OC'"
"How do you know that, you don't watch TV?"
I came up with it last night while seeing "Shopgirl" at the dollar theater. If you like "Lost in Translation," then I recommend it. If you don't, I don't. I have decided that Clair Danes and Scarlett Johansson are interchangeable vis a vis Hollywood roles.

The second new word is related to the first: "Lostmosis." n. the replacement of useless academic knowledge with useless pop knowledge.
"I used to be able to explain the General Theory of Relativity, but due to affects of lostmosis, I can now explain how the Matrix works."
The last word, I am sure someone else has come up with: "Cheney" v. 1) to shoot someone in the face. 2) Fig. seriously impede, but not complete stop, a process or idea.
"Yeah, my boss totally cheneyed my idea for a departmental reoganization, but I can still go to upper management with it."
I think "cheney" could be the new "postal," if postal workers would stop cheneying their coworkers.

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