Thursday, February 09, 2006

saturday at dad's

Saturday, David and I went to Salina to help Grandpa Brice convalesce after a minor procedure. In the car on the way, David verified the itinerary:

Grandpa Brice?
Yes, we're going to see Grandpa Brice.
Uncle Cory?
Yep, Uncle Cory, too.
Open presents?
Um. . .no, we aren't opening presents this time.
Granny Great?
No, we aren't going to see Granny Great, just Grandpa Brice and Uncle Cory
No, the motorcycle is at Granny Great's. We'll visit her soon and you can ride it.
Auntie Skylar?

and so on.

When we arrived, Grandpa Brice was convalescing at the grocery store, so we hung out with Cory until he left for baseball practice. Then, David commenced with asking non-stop where Cory is, so we went out and played with the dogs. When Grandpa Brice got home we ate some pizza, went to see Cory practice, and then went to get some ice cream.

At this point, I have to back up and tell a another story.

A couple of weeks ago, Granny and Grandpa Great took David and out for ice cream. We walked into Baskin Robbins, David looked at me, and said "chocolate?" Who taught David about chocolate ice cream? I have fed the boy ice cream, maybe, twice ever and we don't discuss it around the house. Plus, I am boring. I like vanilla. Specifically Breyers All Natural Vanilla, which is why I really wish Breyers would quit dinking with the vanilla already! I go into Food 4 Less a couple of weeks ago and they have All Natural Extra Creamy Vanilla, All Natural Lactose Free Natural Vanilla, All Natural Homemade Vanilla, French Vanilla, All Natural Light Creamy Vanilla, Heartsmart 98% Fat Free Vanilla, Carbsmart Vanilla, No Sugar Added Vanilla, and All Natural Calcium Rich Natural Vanilla, but no simple, plain, pure, and wonderful All Natural Vanilla! What is wrong with this world?

But, I digress.

Anyway, David developed a raging fiendish appetite for his chocolate ice cream somewhere. He plunges the spoon in for the first bite and pulls up a chunk of ice cream that would give me brain freeze and swallowed it like it was but a wee appetizer. Then, he went to town on the scoop we were sharing as well as the Greats' (who were having Pralines and Cream). So Granny Great tells Grandpa Brice about David's love for the iced cream and Grandpa Brice has to see it for himself. So we go to Brahms. Brahms ice cream is somewhat more firm than most. Since David is still a bit clumbsy with a spoon, you might think that would be a problem and you might be wrong. He was grasping that spoon down at the very base of the handle for maximum leverage and puttin' baby elbow grease into it. The intensity was a little disturbing.

Thing is, ice cream winds David up tight as a knot. Granny and Grandpa didn't get to see or report on that part. When we are done at Brahms, we go to the mall to play on the indoor play ground. We enter through a clothing store and David is so hyper and contrary that half way across the store, I go back to the door and get a cart to contain him. He is vibrating so much he is about to phase into another dimension.

But, when we get to the play area, he suddenly seems like an island of tranquility amidst a raging storm. This play area consists of giant lady bugs, turtles, frogs, and fish, a tree stump with a slipper slide, and a bridge, all covered in three inches of foam rubber, allowing throngs of younin's to hurl themselves about with abandon. The place is at maximum capacity and appears to be a deep pit full of squirming children. David is suddenly quiet and shy. Except when a three-year old girl is on the frog he wants to be on. Then, he is a wife beater.

The mall also has a giant fish tank full of native (read: "ugly") fish, which David won't leave until he has named each one. "Fish daddy! Fish daddy! Fish daddy! (where's Uncle Cory?) Fish daddy!"

Back home Grandpa Brice got to read with him one of the books he has memorized, so he kind of reads along. Then lasagnia, then home, asleep in the car.

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