Friday, January 27, 2006

a million little posts

Recent reports in the news compel me to address certain concerns that you may have with the truthfulness of what you read on this Web site.

I assure you that I make every attempt report all of the events herein truthfully and accurately. I suppose you could say I do occasionally embellish some details in order to add to the narrative quality. Some names and details are changed to protect the innocent. I have gone to some effort to eliminate corroborating evidence so as to maintain a certain "wall" of privacy.

But None of the facts reported herein are "fabricated"--I did bellow at the boy. Well, sorta. "David" is not, technically, my son. I suppose, if I were going to be totally open about it, "David" is actually my hampster. Specifically a hampster I had as a child. And, in the interest of full disclosure, "Jaime" is not, technically, my wife, although I am sure I have met someone named Jaime and I am sure that she is somebody's wife.

But, really this blog isn't really about "David" and "Jaime" and "Jason" in a literal sense. Rather, this blog is about the struggle we are all engaged in to love, have relationships, overcome life's difficulties, and find humor and peace. The rest, with all the silly "facts" and "details" is just, well, details. Details that should not be allowed to obscure the overall "truthfulness" of this blog.

I have called this a "blog" from the beginning, and I maintain that. Should Oprah come, a callin', however, I am out.

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