Thursday, January 05, 2006

free association christmas

I've been told that I haven't posted in awhile. I don't know. After a certain length of time, I stop even checking to see when the last post was. Thing is, I don't really have a lot of time to post right now. So I will try to cover the holiday season in a series of short, freely associated thoughts as they come to me. Enjoy:

Nearly peeing his pants he was so anxious to unwrap gifts. Eventually, he would just go to the pile under the tree, touch a present, look at me and say "wait!"

Each gift consumed his whole world. We could have stopped with the first one.

That tube (pictured below) springs like a tightly-wound spring (being composed of a tightly-wound spring, and all). Nevertheless, he was gleefully half-way down it before it was fully extended for the first time.

"Aunt" in Spanish (David's second language) is tia. We tried to teach David to call his aunt Tina, Tia Tina. So she became "Tina Tina!"

Decending the hill on the sled with him laughing and giggling hysterically.

I thought he would not like the spray of snow in the face and the tipping over that inevitably ends all sled rides. But he just laughed harder and squeeled "fall down!"

Switching from "Tia Tina" to Aunt Skylar was a bit difficult, but Skylar played along.

We saw "King Kong." "Masterpiece" is the perfect word.

Nina and Papa got him Leggos. "blocks! Blocks! blocks!"

Enough airplanes and helecopter to compose a small fleet. One airplane is hand-crafted wood and too nice to be an everyday toy.

Hand-crafted, purple, motorcycle, rocker! God bless the American penal system!

Sometime soon, boxing up old toys to make way for new.

Pictures of Colorado follow. I also have some pictures Christmas in Kansas, but fewer. I see these people all the time.


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