Monday, April 04, 2005

interview q&a--jobs i didn't get

"Tell me Mr. Gilbert, what did you like most about your previous position?"
Coming up with new ideas. You could basically think of me as an idea generating machine just crankin' out new ideas continually. For instance, what if we attached little generators to all the pigeons in the city that harnessed the movement of their wings to recharge a AA battery? We could save millions on energy costs related to recharging the batteries in my kid's toys alone. I just came up with that one, but I have a million. Basically my dream position is one where you just pay me to think up ideas.
"What would you say is your most outstanding achievement in the past year?"
Well, I created a baby. That's a feat I am pretty proud of. I would be very happy in job where I was just paid to create babies.
"Can you give me an example of how you work in a team?"
The baby creating project comes to mind. It started out as a partnership endevor with my wife, but in the end involved pretty much everyone with an opinion about anything related to babies and then ultimately enough doctors, nurses, and staff to fill a delivery room. But I think that everyone would agree that I was an important part of that team--that my contribution was invaluable up to the point where I passed out on floor of the delivery room.
"How would you describe yourself as a person?"
Medium bodied and peppery, with just a hint of currant.

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