Friday, April 01, 2005

david's first birthday

Samuel and David
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We had a belated party last weekend to celebrate David's first birthday, Skylar's visit home, and (paranthetically) my birthday. For me, the highlight was Samuel, David's second cousin who was born about 36 hours before David was. Samuel is a charmer. He has a heck of a smile (not pictured here). The physical difference between the two of them is amazing. Samuel has hair that has been cut (three times) and is way stylish. He is also thinner with a more defined face. All of this conspires to make him look at least 8 months older than David. But David is bigger. So, together, they look like a two-year old playing with some gargantuan infant visiting home from the circus.

I'll probably get in trouble for saying that.

The highlight of the party for David was balloons. Gobs of balloons that we brought home. They are all tangled together in a big mess. So David will grab the strings and crawl across the floor with an enormous balloon posse surrouding him bouncing and bounding along with him in a frenzy. It is a wonderful image of just how much energy the boy has.

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