Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gettin' to it

So its about time for a cuteness update. Basically little D is so flippin cute you will go blind if you stare at him too long.

Chow Hound. I don't want to be his mother when he hits the teen growth spurt. He has cut back on the late night snacks but he could feed himself finger foods til the cows come home. We taught him the sign for "more". He doesn't do it quite right, it usually comes out as a clap, but boy howdy does he mean business. Unless you are prepared to share, please don't eat PBJ's or ice cream round the monster. He loves cheese and crackers and is working on a well rounded wine list too. It mostly consists of watered down apple juice, but the year is really good. My favorite is when he stuffs his cheeks like a chipmonk, has crackers in both hands, and still claps for more. I forsee chocolate bars in his pillow case in the future.

Speaking of obscure references to his mother, he has my stranger night habits. The main one being, we have to have something in our hands to sleep. He still doesn't have sucking his thumb and rubbing a blankie down like I did as a kid, instead he takes two binks to go to sleep. One to suck and the other to manipulate back and forth in his hands. This works much better than his earlier habit of holding our fingers until he went to sleep. At least now we can enjoy him from afar. The other night I went in to check on him and he had tossed a bink over the side of the crib and fell asleep holding on to the railing instead. Jason said one night David curled up like a ball on his tummy and knees and his arm was waving around at the top of his head like a windshield wiper looking for a bink. He promptly found it, suck it in his mouth and went on about his sleeping business.

In preperation for his up coming birthday we have been trying to get him to hold one finger up when we ask him how old he is. He did it for the first time tonight at G.Grandma H's house. This kid is going places, let me tell you. Grandpa Alex put headphones on him this afternoon with some reggae music. Not only did he do a little wiggle while listening, TWICE he clapped for more when Alex took the headphones off. Genius in the making here folks. He also loves to play the piano and sing. I don't care if social work doesn't pay, a few music lessons and a good agent and our retirement is in the bag.

He still leaves off the end of all words which makes it difficult to get what he is saying sometimes. "Do you want the ball or the bottle?" Tuff and dog sound alot alike too. The cutiest thing is when he says "uh oh" after he drops something on the floor. He looks so serious when he says it.

No first steps yet but I think they are coming. Hopefully when I'm around but I wouldn't bet on it. If you are looking for something for his birthday find a bunch of people to go in together and get him a rock climbing wall. This kid is going all the way to the top!

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