Saturday, February 12, 2005

a day in the life of david

Following is a series of photographs taken yesterday, an average Friday for David. Enjoy.

Asleep in the morning. Still dozing after a long night of uninterrupted sleep (ha!). Notice that he is face down, against the bumper, with a plush toy in keeping with pediatrician recommendations.

"Good morning world!" Specifically, good morning mommy, who is behind me.

After arising and getting dressed, we are off to Nikki's, the babysitter, who lives across the street.

The babysitter has a two-year-old, Collin, whom David loves and who loves David.

David also loves the cat food, so it has to be put up on the counter when he is around.

Then I leave and spend a long dark morning without him. While at Nikki's, he plays, eats toast with peanut butter, and chases the cat. Then he goes down for a nap, almost voluntarily (hee!).

I usually arrive to pick him up just when he awakes. Collin is excited to get in the crib, which has springs, and jump. Nikki is pictured here.

Home for lunch. Here, he is eating an apple, quite a task with six teeth.

Then, more playing. This is my favorite ball. It is essentially a dodgeball-type that glows in the dark.

His favorite ball is the Vtech Move and Crawl Ball, a self-propelled, talking, dancing, flashing, singing ball. Grandpa Brice bought it for him in a act of bitter spite.

Then, I'm off to the office and Jaime takes over.


After much playing and conversations about dada and the ball, it's nap time. Usually, nap time is in the crib, but today, Jaime needed to clip his nails, which can only be done when he is sleeping.

After he awakes, its dinner time. He sometimes tries to feed himself with this big plastic handle with a little nub at the end that we can stick some food on for him to smear all over his face.

After dinner, playtime again, during which David tries to escape.

"What the heck is this Christmas Tree still doing here?"

Finally, he has be confined for his own safety.

At bedtime, he gets medicine. It looks terrible but he actually just gets half a teaspoon of allergy medicine, which he likes.

"Goodnight Moon"

Goodnight David.

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