Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mom's always have the last word

I just saw an X-ray of a boy's arm with a break which allowed the bones to overlap by an inch. This injury occurred whilst playing football.

Did I mention, An Inch.

From this moment forward the only sports my lovely angelic boys are allowed to play are:
Underwater Basket Weaving
Competitive Knitting
Air Hockey
Horse Shoes
Speed Walking

The Mother has spoken.

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Dinner...it's what to eat said...

Are you kidding, let me remind you that both of your boys have Nina's genes so they will not be the most graceful (or safest) of boys.

Golf? Sure Britney, give the boys large lighting rods!!
Knitting? Um hello needles
Underwater anything sounds risky
Horseshoes, why not allow handgrenades too?
Speedwalking? Have you seen the injuries that David has sustained from walking at a normal rate?

While the boys are young you can make up a condition that will prevent them from playing rough sports (air hockey = broken thumbs). I am thinking that chess or something with packing peanuts is the safe way to go.

This is just the auntie's opinion!