Friday, September 14, 2007

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David on a bike that is too big David is pictured on a bicycle given to us by a friend of Jaime. Unfortunately, he is simply too small for it right now. This is compounded by the fact that he cannot, in a pinch, remember how to brake. So we find him careening down a hill on a bike that is too heavy for him to control, which he cannot stop. There is a smaller-sized bike for tots, but I see general problems with that as well. Three-year-olds don't have a great sense of balance so anything that perches them a couple of feet above the ground is going to have to have training wheels, which seem to make the whole thing pointless. Riders can't lean in to a curve with them giving them the turning radius of a Mack truck. Also, if the rider does lean, the training wheel causes the rear wheel to lift off of the ground. If he is leaning because he is trying to get up a hill, then the whole thng stops.

When did the preschool set move to bicycles? What happened to the Big Wheel? This was my ride of choice until I was old enought to balance on a bike unaided by training wheels. It was fast, cool, and didn't tip over unless I really really wanted it to. I don't see the kids these days riding them, but I think it is what David needs if he wants to roll.

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