Saturday, August 12, 2006

hurrying up, waiting

Well, we are disappointed to have no real news yet. When Jaime lost her plug Monday, we were pretty excited. Yes, one can unplug as much as three weeks prior to the birth, but with David that was only five days and the second is supposed to come faster, right? Additionally, Jaime was showing several other signs of a pending birth. So, we have been preparing for a birthin' this weekend. Alas, no. Not only is there baby yet, but most of the symptoms have subsided.

We went to the mall today for a long walk--because that is supposed to help. Sure enough, while walking through Dillards, Jaime had a pretty significant contraction--the first in 24 hours. It maintained while walking and while not walking whereas false labor generally subsides when you change modes. So, we were stoked. But it subsided and nothing followed. Jaime is convinced that it has something to do with Dillards.

We were trying to remember details from David, but are not recalling much. I didn't record enough information. For instance, there is a scale from -5 to +5 that tracks the baby's progress. -5 is just starting, not even in the birth canal yet, and +5 is crowning. The baby is -2. I don't remember where David was when, so I can't compare. Jaime is partially, but not fully, effaced. Again, I don't remember when David met this milestone.

I do, however, remember that, when Jaime's water broke with David, I was surprised--even a little incredulous. I recall thinking that there had been no accompanying signs, perhaps she is mistaken. I was prepared to take Jaime to the hospital in labor, but that didn't happen, we had to induce the actual labor. So, this one could take us by surprise as well.

Nevertheless, we wait. It is hard, especially for Jaime. I am trying to get us in the mindset of abandoning the idea that it will come this week. Let's just assume that it will come next week. That way, if it comes earlier, great. But, if it does not, then we'll at least get out of this craziness of planning to be at the hospital sometime in the next 24 hours. It is an impossible level of hyper-readiness. I am cramming as much work in to every day in preparation for leaving at a moment's notice and I am putting off any project that will take more than 24 hours to execute.

So, we hope it will come sooner, but are trying to resign ourselves to it coming later. Or later still.

Later, fans.

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