Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Jaime emailed me.
Well the good news is that I am dilated to a 2 and Simon is head down.

The bad news is that Wiley said he would not let me go past my due date of "September 7th". I almost wanted to die.

In a passive-aggressive attempt to get him to think about going earlier, I asked him to compare my current size to that of David at 36 weeks.

I am dilated which I don't think I was at that time, I weigh almost 10 pounds more, and Simon measures 3cm bigger than David did. And after all that he still won't let me go past September, oh lucky me.

Wiley asked if he was moving ok and I said the movements have seemed to slow down a bit so he ordered a stress test. Simon is fine and moves like a champ, I even had two mild contractions during the test. The nurse was really nice and talked to me for a bit after it was done. She said the August 31st (according to the sono) was probably the most accurate date and to give it until this weekend when I hit 38 weeks.

I still feel like crying, which I am getting sick of but I will try to remain patient.

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