Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eternal Earthbound Pets replies

Much to my surprise, one of the principles of Eternal Earthbound Pets replied to my email. Except that he didn't reply to my email, he replied in the comments to my blog post about the email. You can read it in context there or, um right here, with a couple of editorial comments.

Hmmm..yes, I see your email in my business partners trash:>

He handled inquires for West of the Mississippi. We now only have one email address. I handle all contacts:

I guess given the publicity and volume of mail we were getting in August/Sept he didn't feel your inquiry merited the time to respond. Reading your letter in detail now, I can porobably understand why. But I'll undertake to answer it now.

So, you don't believe in Rapture doctrine yet you spent an inordinate amount of typing and explaining the fictional doctrine of Rapture believers for us... as though we are unschooled in the various end times interpretations. Thanks for that.
He is making that up. my whole letter is barely 16 sentences and the only "explaining" I do is about two sentences to set immediate context for my question. Hardly an inordinate amount of time. I would not presume to know more about Rapture and Tribulation theology than anyone else who has studied it. I used to know more than I do now, but those parts of my brain have been given over to details about childcare and SQL.
There are opposing opinions as to what the Tribulation would be like. According to interpretation of Revelation more than 1/3rd of the world's population will be spared/survive the 7 yrs; and those willing to accept the sign of the beast will beable to conduct business, share in commerce, etc. But frankly, since the potential of such doctrine being real is perhaps 1 in 500 Billion, we don't concern ourseves with the nightmarish myths of the deluded.

Your comment about anti-christian propaganda frankly falls under the same heading. In fact, given that atehsists are nothing if not realists and pragmatists, it would be hard to deny our error in the event of dead corpses rising out of the grave, et al.

Thus, if we have rejected the imaginary propaganda of theists because it is devoid of any evidence now, how much easier would it be to dismiss as false the so called anti-christian propaganda you claim will follow the rapture when prima fascia evidence for theistic belief being true would have been observable? Your dicotomy is invalid and patently silly.
I am sort of disappointed on this point. My dichotomy is patently silly? The whole Eternal Earthbound Pets concept, and my entire response is patently silly. Either my letter too silly or poorly-executed to be actually be funny, like jokes David makes up, or it is just not a funny joke, period. Oh, well. They can't all land.
Finally, may I recommend that you start your own business and offer $50.00 pet euthanasia coverage in lieu of pet rescue. As a christian yourself evidently you perceive a greater value in death than life, or figure rapture believers to be so inclined. Infact, why stop with pets? For $100.00 you can offer to euthanise "leftbehind" christians whose families beamed up when they didn't.
Crap, I wish I had thought of that. It sounds like the premise of a SyFy channel series, like Dexter, but with Kirk Cameron.
Not being a death cultist, which is the mainstay of Christian belief, I don't put an awful lot of thought into such matters. I'm simply offering a service to those death cultists who care about their pets, and want inexpensive insurance that I am certain to a degree of approx. 500 billion to 1 I will never have to execute.
So, there's your answer. Sorry it's so late.
So there is their answer. Sorry it took me so long to bring attention to it. I got busy with holiday stuff.

Oh, and happy New Year/Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord/Feast of St. Basil the Great. This Christmastime has been so high-effort with the weather and a sick wife, that I decided to pass on proper commemoration of the new year other than watching "Stardust" and drinking some port (which I probably would have done anyway given that I have tomorrow off).


Dromedary Hump said...

Oh come now.. I made up nothing. What appeared to me to be an inordinate amount of time refers to the fact that you don't believe in rapture, yet still wrote SIXTEEN SENTENCES challenging me and (ahem) "educating" me. To me even if it only took you five minutes, it represents an inordinate waste of time.

The question one must ask is "What The F for?"

But hey, your letter is posted for any of your readers to read and ascertain how silly your points were given our total lack of belief in the rapture and tribulation doctrine. You may as well ask me what I'll do if aliens come down and abduct my dog.

Meanwhile, as silly as you may think our service is, we signed our 100th paying client in November. Based on the number of comments your blog seems to attract, I'd estimate that to be approximately 100 times your readership.

Anyway. Have a happy Feast of the Circumcision. And given the peculiar focus of that "feast" watch out what you scoop that dip with.


Dromedary Hump said...

OOps... don't want to miss any follow up replies, so came back to signed up to receive new comments.

Hey..look.. you now have TWO comments on your blog!! Happy New Year!!!

Rachel T. said...

Wow, Jason. That guy's not very nice. And kind of angry. Good luck with that, buddy.

Dromedary Hump said...

Actually, I'm a sweet heart.

And for a pretty girl you are a poor judge of deportment. I haven't been genuinely angry since GW Bush left office. In fact, since Oral Roberts died I've been particularly perky :)

Best wishes,

Rachel T. said...

Hey Bart, you're not too bad lookin' yourself! I'm still gonna side with my friend Jason, on this one. And if this whole rapture thing plays out, my cat Cheddar is on his own...

Dromedary Hump said...

Heheh...thanks. I see you have good taste in camels.

I'm ok with Jason, it's all good.

As for Cheddar, and the rapture, I just hope you don't have any Chinese restaurants in your vicinity. That's NOT pork in your pork fried rice.

Have a good and healthy 2010.