Thursday, January 24, 2008

"it's like those bloggers who post conversations rather than actually creating content"


Jason: ouch. and it is so unnecessary. They could have adequately steadied the camera without breaking the (attempted) illusion. Drives me nuts when film makers think they are better conveying reality by putting as little between the camera and the subject as possible. I would think that Film 101 is "the camera, by its very nature, distorts reality." Makeup is a good analogy. Typically actor's wear make up to look natural on film because the camera makes an unmade-up person look zombie-like. Cinema Vérité is cowardice on the part of a film maker who is unwilling to make decisions about what he or she considers "true" and do the hard work of evoking it on film.

Jason: clearly, something I feel strongly about. I should add $0.50 to that opinion and get myself some coffee.

Scott: You should blog that.

Jason Gilbert: Hey! good idea. It would tick my family off though: "he doesn't blog for a month about the topic we are interested in, then a rant about cinematic style?"

Scott: Well, maybe it would lead to more...

Jason: We shall see. I'll post this entire conversation.

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