Friday, July 21, 2006

skylar thinks david is cute

From Skylar:
Since you are on a conversation post kick.... last night we went to Grandma Honaker's and took David (Jaime was having a bad night), he wanted some soda and I wanted to give him water so we settled on Gatorade. He drank the first half glass full and came to me, "Auntie Skylar, I want some more aligator please". I thought that was cute.

Then on the way home he was screaming to keep himself awake, Mom asked if she needed to pull over on the highway and give him a time out, he of course said yes. She pulled over and whispered to me "how am I going to do this"? I thought that the guard rail looked nice, dangerous but nice. She talked to him and then she started to take off and he said "whats that all about".

He then told me on the way home that daddy was not home, he was flying the airplane to Colorado.

You really should not have taught him to speak.

Hope your flight was good.
He has been doing the "what's that about" quite a bit, lately. I assume he picked it up from Nikki as I don't think Jaime and say it much. He seems to have some idea of what it means.

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