Monday, June 26, 2006

worms, roxanne, i'm afraid of worms!

So, David is eating his dinner last night with an unusual level of cooperation--eggs with pees and corn, raisins, and chili-power-covered pistachios. A few minutes in, he declares that he doesn't like worms.

"Great" I say, "I'll leave them off of the grocery list."

A few minutes later, he announces that there are worms in his raisins. Ha ha, what a tremendous imagination. I assume the funny voice, "there are not worms in your raisins, sillyhead. Now, eat your eggs"

A few minutes more and he points at the raisins, "see, worms right there."

I'm a good sport, so I look. Holy leaping larvae, there ARE worms in his raisins! There are two or three tiny white wormy things the look a lot like inch worms would look if they were quarter-inch worms.

"I don't like them," he says.

This final statement begs a question: Does he know he doesn't like them because he has tried them, or is he just assuming he doesn't like them because daddy served them and he is an obstinate two-year-old? Because you know that, the next time I try to feed him, all he is going to want is the raisin worms.

later, worm fans.

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