Thursday, October 06, 2005

StumbleUpon this

There is something fun about David at the end of this post.

But first.

Do you want to increase the value of the time you spend on the internet 10-fold? StumbleUpon is your answer. It works like this--sign up and activate your interests from hundreds of different categories. I personally have 85 different topics of interest chosen. StumbleUpon puts a few buttons on your tool bar (may be Firefox only, I don't know). You can select "all" or one of your catagories and then hit the "StumbleUpon" button and it takes to a random site within that catagory or categories. The sites are ranked and reviewed by other users. Then you click "like it" or "not-for-me." If you like it, it bookmarks the site for you. You can write reviews, suggests sites, etc etc etc. It is one of the best things browsing tools I have found. I found it at the Firefox extensions site.

If you are not using Firefox, then Collaborative Rank is similar, I believe. It works with, another service that I use. Which means that I am going to have to evaluate both, determine which is best, and stick with it or I risk suffering toolbar creep.

Back to our story.

David's fun new game is to throw mommy's bathrobe over his head, completely covering himself from head to toe, and then walk around. He can just barely see through the cloth. He looks like either cousin It, ET in the ghost outfit, or a young girl learning to use her burka.

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