Monday, June 06, 2005

this is how i feel, too

this is how i feel, too
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So, y'all can just stop harrassing me about not blogging.

I tell you what, if I go for long periods of time without blogging,

this is what you need to do:

Go find the most special cute warm fuzzy thing you can find--anything

will do--like a kitten hanging by one paw from a branch, or a baby

panda being cleaned by its mother, or the sunset over snuggling


Multiply that by the speed of light, squared.

There, now you have just how cute David is when he is not even trying.


David=mc squared where m=the measure of cuteness of the most

wonderfully cutest thing ever ever.

"So, Jason," you are saying to yourself as you sit, dazed, in front of

the computer waiting for me to update, "what is he doing that is just

so cute?" Well, you'll just have to wait. I'll give you a

hint--words, lots of them.

llater, llama fans

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