Friday, December 10, 2004

sit-ups, skooches

Yesterday evening David FINALLY moved himself from being on his tummy
to sitting upright on his bottom. He has been struggling for a couple
of weeks. He would get in a reclining position, leaning on one arm,
and push and push, but just couldn't get upright. Now he is all about
sitting up, playing with something, laying down, scooting across the
room to something new, sitting up, and playing with it.

All that is left is crawling (and gainful employment).

I have concluded that our slick floors work against us in two ways:

Firstly, they make it more difficult to keep his knees beneath him.
Secondly, they remove much of the incentive to try. He can get around
pretty good with his little soldier scoot. Actually, "wounded soldier
scoot." I noticed that when he scoots along he only pulls himself
forward with his right arm. Sometimes he will grab his right wrist
with this left hand to assist, but he never puts the left arm out to
pull himself forward with it. I also noticed that he picks up more
Cheerios with his left hand. I should point out that his grandpa Brice
is ambidextrous--he powers with his right hand (batting, pitching) and
details with his left (keeping score).

later, score keepers

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